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reproduction d'art en édition limitée

monika nowak portrait

Monika Nowak lives and works in Paris. 

Her mother, an actress in a theatre group in Krakow, was the prime model for her gallery of female models, as well as female heroes from Hitchcock movies, rock music, fashion or science fiction literature.  


Monika Nowak’s work explores her intuition: energetic, independent and proactive. Through her sexy-pop heroines, she expresses a certain vision of today’s woman, strong but fragile. During her artistic career she developed a vision of epic universes where the marvelous coexists with the barbarous, the poetic provokes the aesthetic, and the melancholic alternates with the euphoric.  


Her fragile heroines are paradoxical, contradictory, excessive, but also dreamy, soft, wild, poetic and provocative.





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